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The Remote Control Power Sockets Simplifies On And Off Of Electrical Appliances

Baldr is one company that is bringing some wonderful smart devices to get your home controlled and connected. With these products no doubt you can control the ambiance of your home with just a remote in your hand. The smart devices are available as different household electronic products that can surely enhance the quality of your lifestyle. You can find products from Baldr in five major series like thermo-hygrometers, digital clocks, kitchen series, and weather stations and also power management units that can surely help people lead a better life. The remote control power socket from Baldr is really a wonderful product which allows you to control the on and off of the power socket through a remote and have access on the hard to reach appliances on and off through the remote control. By using this remote control sockets you can eliminate the extra standby power just not because of switching of the button which can now be done from wherever you are without the necessity to move and with the help of the remote control. It now becomes easy to control on and off of the appliances that are powered through the sockets. Moreover, each remote can match up to four power sockets and also each socket can be controlled by maximum of five remote controls by simply operating the remote by code learning and matching with the sockets. The wireless remote control also comes with a red light as an indicator for power.
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The wireless remote control sockets are available with a working voltage of 125VAC 60HZ and working current of 125VAC 10A. The maximum power of sockets are 1250W and the socket standby power is more or equal to 50mW. The remote control works within a range of up to 30m and a transmission frequency of 433.92MHz. The remote works with a voltage of 2XAAA batteries. The package consists of one remote control, 3 power sockets and an instruction manual for you to understand about the product specifications, usage and precautions for long lasting results. You can go through clear images of the product and a detailed description before placing your order for this remote control power socket and Baldr not only promises best quality product but also competitive rates compared to the products available in the market. All the products from Baldr also come with a one year manufacturer warranty and discount rates offering 100% customer satisfaction.
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